Creative Piano Private Coaching

This is a 3 month coaching program to guide you into the intuitive piano experience.

Course Summary

Piano for busy professionals who want to tap into your innate creativity through music. Join the 3 month coaching program teaching you  how to think with music, giving you patterns and shapes to put into your piano performance tool library, so you can play the piano with a deep sense of knowing the musical beauty you are playing.In the creative piano series you get empowered to decode patterns from existing songs so you can apply it in your performance. Get guided into the intuitive piano experience.  

Talk about the possibilities! 

🎹 Play the piano instinctively closing your eyes. 

🎹 Play your favorite songs on the piano for your friends and family .  

🎹 Break stress caused in work, study or life

🎹 Learn the art of creating your own tune

🎹 Pick and choose the emotions  you want your audience to experience by choosing the right musical elements fit for it.

 15+ years of helping Adults and Children get back to their innate creative instincts 

Thank you for all the guidance you gave me - it really helped and has set me up to have a better music foundation

Samik Banerjee
 Former Director at Amgen

Author and Publishing Coach

Joel is one of the best music teachers I've met in my career as an Educator.

Archana Srivastava
(50 Effective Principals 2020) EDUCATION TODAY

I have known Joel for almost 13 years now. One of the most passionate musicians, a wonderful human being with unlimited love for teaching. Always cheerful, always grateful, always positive; with a heart of gold & unlimited patience to teach.

Sawal Das Jethani 
Director and Owner Chrysalis High 


Know Your Coach
 Joel Dave 

 Joel Dave is a sing and play piano coach and has trained over
5000+ students for the last 15 years. He has had the privilige of being a  TEDx Speaker and you can find his talk on the 

 Joel has studied music under some of the grate names worldwide and they comprise of Mr. Dave Frank from the Berklee College of Music, Mr.Sudhakar J. Doraiswamy from Asian Institute for Liturgy, Mrs.Nalini Suryavanshi.

With the rich training received Joel trains students for music exam conducted by the London college of music and Trinity college of music.
Joel has  taught music in various International schools and played Live gigs in various hotels and stage performances.

 He is also the founder of Creative Online Academy, an online based creative art personal development coaching portal. 

Creative Piano Coaching is for you, if you want to.....🚀


Students play the piano with flow, flexibility and instinctive moves.


Students learn the art of decoding any absolute new song so they can perform it on their own.


Build your Creativity, Confidence & Positive Imagination 


Enter the Joy of music to break stress in life, work, study 


music theory in application

Course Pricing

  • Course Access + four Private Sessions
  • 12000 INR

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  • Complete access to the course material
  • Included - Creative Piano - Level Zero
  • Included - Creative Piano - Level One
  • Included - Creative Piano - Level Two
  • Four private coaching sessions
  • Course Access
  • 6000 INR

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  • Complete access to the course material
  • Included - Creative Piano - Level Zero
  • Included - Creative Piano - Level One
  • Included - Creative Piano - Level Two